With decades of extensive experience in general contracting and a strong, dedicated team of highly-qualified professionals, JAXI Builders has earned a stellar reputation for delivering top-quality construction products for clients from “Foundation to Finish.”

A full-service general contractor based in Doral, Florida, JAXI Builders’ track record of planning, organizing and directing a variety of construction projects in every industry and sector throughout South Florida speaks for itself.

Named one of the top homebuilders in Southeast Florida by the South Florida Business Journal,

JAXI strives to exceed client expectations which has led to a tremendous amount of repeat business, making it a large portion of the company’s portfolio of projects. Satisfied clients choose the award-winning general contractor again and again for projects including multi-family, mid-rise, ground-up commercial, public sector, rehab, commercial interior improvements, industrial, residential, retail spaces, and healthcare facilities.

JAXI Builders understands the importance of each project and the company’s hands-on, personal approach in working with clients, combined with rigorous standards for safety and quality, as well as a commitment to deliver projects on time and within budget, has contributed to the firm’s valuable reputation as a well-respected, leading contractor.

From project planning, design, contract document preparation, construction scheduling, bidding, permitting, estimating and construction management, JAXI Builders provides a comprehensive selection of professional services.

JAXI Builders was established in 1986 with the commitment of its principals to provide clients with excellence in construction, unwavering attention to clients’ needs and concerns, and meticulous control over budgets and schedules. The dedication to these commitments throughout the decades has resulted in tremendous time and cost savings for JAXI’s clients and a reputation of consistently delivering the very best results.