Mixed Use

The Crest

Miami, FL

Located at 9600 South Dixie Highway, The Crest will be comprised of 18 stories and 23 levels including 14 studios, 179 one-bedroom units, 89 two-bedroom units & 12 three-bedroom units. Totaling 294 units. The project is currently moving ahead of the projected contract schedule.  

16 Allapattah

City of Miami, FL

16 Allapattah is located at 1620 NW 20th. The project entails 13 stories, 323-multifamily apartments with multiple retail spaces & storefronts, a pool deck on the 9th story along with a host of other resident amenities. The project is commencing December 2021. 

250 Bird Road

Coral Gables, FL

250 Bird Road consists of boutique style 215-unit multifamily rental complex with 11 stories in height and includes studios and 1–2-bedroom units, with ground level retail spaces and 30,000 square-feet of office spaces. The project was designed by Behar Font & Partners and is to commence in 2022. 

14 Allapattah

City of Miami, FL

The 14 Allapattah project consists of two buildings which will combine for a total of 237-multifamily unit rentals with ground-floor retail space on the site. Building #1 is 135’ high with a total of 13 stories. Building #2 is 75’ high and will consist of 5 stories. The project is to commence 1st half of 2022.  

Legacy at 19th Street

City of Miami, FL

Legacy at 19th Street is an 80-unit mixed-use apartment complex being constructed at 1630 NW 19th Street, Miami, FL. The first floor consists of reception, back of house & amenities, the building is 7-stories and measures 83 feet in height to the roof slab. JAXI Builders Inc is on schedule to complete the project as planned. 

6075 Sunset Drive

South Miami, FL

Repeat business is always held as an objective of JAXI Builders Inc. Including with Alta Development & Developers (owner). This business being the 6075 Sunset Drive mixed-use complex.

Here you will soon find 203 apartments & commercial spaces to engage the Sunset & South Miami Communities. Located within walking seconds to City Hall & Sunset Place, one is never far from the University of Miami on gameday.

This project truly makes a beautifying impact on the placement of its views. Looking across the trees, plants & flowers which will fill the landscape upon our top off celebration, is a view we each look forward to here at JAXI Builders Inc.

17 Allapattah

City of Miami, FL

On the flourishing outskirts of Downtown & Brickell, and in the City of Miami, 192 residential units comprising 14 Stories of skyline comes the 17 Allapattah project.

It is no secret that this area has begun to thrive in the modern Miami Renaissance as places such as Wynwood burgeon with bars & boutique restaurants. The embers of that growth expand outward the locale where architect: Behar, Font & Partners have demonstrated their contemporary design expertise to be completed in the coming year.

JAXI Builders is delighted to have a hand in the development of the Miami skyline and are confident this building will functionally & aesthetically provide that same delight to the community.

EON Squared – Flagler Village

City of Fort Lauderdale, FL

EON Squared is a modern, 12-story building featuring an innovative mixed-use design from the architects at Cohen, Freedman, and Encinosa & Assoc. P.A. 

270 spacious apartment units overlook the stunning cityscape of blooming Downtown Fort Lauderdale. A major cooperative undertaking leaving all the stakeholders & community with a sense of pride and a lasting image of beauty.


City of Miami, FL

Luxury One, Two & Three Bedroom Apartments In Miami, FL.

A first of its kind in the area. The sprawling growth coming to the heart of Little Havana can be marked by the development & completion of Intown.

 A series of two towers with 320 contemporary luxury residences, standing tall overlooking a panoramic view presenting the bustling city traces of Downtown, the tourist craving for adventure or with a glimpse of an eye, lush & vibrant canopies which drape your view with earthy greens.

Astor (owner) & JAXI Builders (GC) developed an energetic community that grows & thrives off the ambiance of Little Havana.


River District City of Fort Myers, FL

It all begins somewhere among these 32 stories. A one, two, or three-bedroom luxury condominium. A space that speaks to you. Draws you to it. Contemporary living spaces of cool, natural openness facing the water. Expansive windows that look out and remind you of your wondrous surroundings. In a home unlike any other in the entire city. And more marvelous beyond anything yet attempted.