Building Information Management (BIM)

The new technology that is aimed to optimize the constructability, increasing competitiveness and productivity in construction companies and real estate development.

The tool encourages collaborative work between the different disciplines that interact in the execution of a construction project (Architectural, structural, systems, civil infrastructure, landscape, etc), the spatial relationships and the coordination of all of them with real-time changes using computers where previously work was done with drawings on paper.

It is the process for managing the information generated during the execution of a project from the first idea to its completion and even further if it is considered that the generated model can be used for the administration of the new building. For this purpose, various types of computer programs are used simultaneously, dynamically, in three dimensions and in real time, increasing efficiency in the management of resources during the different stages of the project. It can also include administrative processes, programming, and budget.

In this way the information is integrated into a single model allowing changes and modifications to be executed simultaneously and instantaneously. JAXI Builders Inc. is attentive to the adoption of new technologies that, like the BIM, favor the constructive process and stimulate the confidence and satisfaction of the client.